Thats me

I'm the girl who hates math,

but counts calories day by day.

I'm the girl who loves dancing,

but hates her body.

I'm the girl who says everthing is fine,

but inwardly dies.

I'm the girl who helps everybody,

but does not accept help.

I'm the girl who loves the most,

but is afraid to show.

I'm the girl who wants control,

but lose all of it.

I'm the girl who says 'Think positive!',

but seems to be the most hopeless person in the world.

I'm the firl who seems to have a perfect live,

but needs therapy because of depressions.

I'm the girl who seems to be able to reach everything,

but would never be proud of herself.

I'm the girl who wants to get attention,

but gradually gets invisible.

I'm the girl who gives the most,

but expects nothing.

Yes.that's exactly me.

3.9.13 13:24

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